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To make your shopping easy our terms of return policy assists you, when due to some unforeseen situation you are not happy with the product/item you have purchased. The following terms of return policy is applicable to resolve and improve the situation. Special care is taken for every purchase to avoid the implementation of the following terms of this return policy. More than one check method is followed by our team before your product/item is/are dispatched to avoid unnecessary harassment and dissatisfaction to you..

1. Execution of the terms of this policy is required only when an unintentional situation occurs such as:

a) If you have received a damaged product/item;

b) Received product/item was not what you ordered;

c) If it was misrepresented on our website.

2. Non Replacement Category or Products/Items which will not be replaced:

a) If the product/item is/are send back to us prior to any permission granted or instructions given to you by our team.

b) If the price tag is removed or cut which is attached to the product/item, removal or loss of price tag will not be considered for replacements.

c) If the product/item which is/are worn, washed, used, altered or modified it shall not be replaced in any condition whatsoever

3. Products/items (not apparels) can only be replaced if product/item is not worn, washed, used, altered or modified

4. We regret to inform you that if the original package is lost in transit, you do not qualify for any replacement

5. Helpful and prior steps to be used on returns:

a) If you have any problem or doubt related to the product/item it is recommended to mail us first.