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High end, creating trends

The Zamuni Story:

‘Zamuni’ in the local dialect, signifies the royal color purple and at times is also synonymous to the sacred river, Yamuna. The sound of it when pronounced aloud, “Zamuni” brings the picture of a majestic river flowing through beautiful lush green Indian farms drawing real smiles upon the faces of farmers in the villages of India.

The reality of this description was captured by our founders. The hardworking farmers and the beautiful environment of their work inspired our team to cultivate this joy, beauty and talent within rural India and present it to the world.
Following a number of meetings and interactions with farmers, it was certain that these farmers possessed great expertise in producing high quality natural fibers like linen/cotton/jute. This incentivized our team to develop a strategy that not only benefits the farmers and their families directly, but also adds great value to their mastered abilities, while motivating the tradition of natural farming.

Zamuni’s products are straight from such farms without any manipulative/harassing/greedy middlemen in the supply chain. The sales proceeds benefit the farmers and the local weavers, thus promoting entrepreneurship opportunities within their community. Now, with an added sense of value for their work, with the help of our inhouse designers with world class insights, the farmers are motivated to bring out the best to the world.

The Business:

Zamuni specializes in hand woven apparels . The raw materials are bought from families in villages who run there small scale business. The end products are of premium quality at very modest prices. We have renowned in-house designers who are the best at what they do. They come up with new designs everyday using their exquisite fashion research and insights. Our nerve centre is Indian attires as well as fusions of into-western clothing. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior designer wardrobe at modest prices.